June 8 & 9 2017 - Expo Ghent
46 days TOP program The People of WebTomorrow
June 8 & 9 2017 30+ speakers Meet 1500 attendees

What can you expect?

WebTomorrow is about Tangible Insights and Solutions on these 4 topics.
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“How artificial intelligence, AR, VR, blockchain, IoT and robotica create something new that creates new value with sustained impact.”

  • Pieter Van Leugenhagen (BE)
  • Louis Jonckheere (BE)
  • Mario Fleurinck (BE)
  • Guy Wollaert (BE)

Let's talk about:
7 myths of the digital economy, you have to be aware of.

The next you / Time to disrupt yourself.
How customers are driving a shift in business models

... & more


“Maximize your marketing today, accelerate tomorrow with neuromarketing, data,
customer centricity, persuasive design, storytelling ...”

  • Austin Knight (US)
  • Radica Raeves (AUS)
  • Gerry McGovern (IE)
  • Herman Konings (BE)

Learn more about:
User onboarding: the foundation of your growth strategy.


The role of the CMO in 2018 and beyond.

How to build long term, personalized relationships with your customers?
... & more


“Learn directly from entrepreneurs about leadership, industry 4.0, maker movement,
intrapreneurship, HR, company culture, growth, scaling …”

  • Elisabeth Vanhoutte (BE)
  • Frank Van Massenhove (BE)
  • Naveen Jain (IND)
  • Carine Lucas (BE)

Listen to:
Challenges, mistakes and successes of taking a business from 0 to 70 million Euro turnover


Shooting for the moon with the mindset of abundance.
Why you should focus on people. The power of employee centricity in digital transformation.
... & more


“The impact of technology on our behavior: transportation, government, privacy,
shopping, peer 2 peer economy, ownership vs usage ...”

  • Isabel De Clercq (BE)
  • Rutger Bregman (NL)
  • Carmina Coenen (BE)
  • Tony Crabbe (UK)

Listen to:
Social technologies are a vital catalyst for individual and organizational transformation


Be the change within your organization
What can we learn from the industrial revolution?
How can we use those learnings in the digital revolution?
... & more

What can you expect?

Internationally renowned speakers, visionaries and entrepreneurs from various disciplines will be
sharing their inspiring stories. These stories will change the way you see the world and offer insights
to help you co-create a new tomorrow.

This year's conference will span over two days, with captivating keynotes on how technology is impacting society and the way we are, live and work.



Featured speakers of WebTomorrow 2017

Get to know them.

Keynote speaker
Founder & Executive Chairman at Moon Express
Trendcatcher - Firestarter - Sparkle Architect at Wolters Kluwer
Keynote speaker
Sr. UX Designer at Hubspot
Expert Innovation at Agoria
Keynote speaker
Founder at Customer Care Words
User Onboarding Specialist at Ad Rem Studios
Keynote speaker
Chairman at FOD Sociale Zekerheid
Keynote speaker
Founder and CTO at Mr & Mrs Smith
Keynote speaker
Owner at Idea-value-impact advisory services
Co-CEO at Showpad
Founder at InnoCrowd
Trendwatcher at Pocket Marketing/nXt

This was WebTomorrow 2016.

WebTomorrow is the leading event in Belgium regarding:
"The Impact of Digital".

The WebTomorrow 2016 edition
1300 attendees 50+ partners 40+ speakers

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