WebTomorrow is about transition.
The digital impact on our economy & society.
June 8 & 9 2017 - Expo Ghent

Get ready to be blown away by over 30 visionaries, entrepreneurs and internationally renowned speakers.

Keynote speaker
Founder & Executive Chairman at Moon Express
Keynote speaker
Sr. UX Designer at Hubspot
Keynote speaker
Chairman at FOD Sociale Zekerheid
Keynote speaker
Founder and CTO at Mr & Mrs Smith
Author of 'Utopia for Realists' at De Correspondent
Keynote speaker
Marketing visionair at IBM Watson Marketing
PhD Professor & Partner at Vlerick Business School
Change Agent at Bryanston Square
at Business Psychologist, best selling author worldwide
Keynote speaker
Founder at Customer Care Words
CEO at Wijs
Keynote speaker
Owner at Idea-value-impact advisory services
Co-CEO at Showpad
Expert Innovation at Agoria
Professor and economic philosopher at University of Ghent
Owner at SUE
Founder at InnoCrowd
Manager Solution Engineering at Salesforce.com
Mixed Reality Marketeer at World of Waw
Trendwatcher at Pocket Marketing/nXt
Trendcatcher - Firestarter - Sparkle Architect at Wolters Kluwer
Founder at I Love Techno & Author of Holy Trinity Events
User Onboarding Specialist at Ad Rem Studios
Consultant at Strategy for a Digital World
Sales & Marketing Director at Wijs
Reporter at Trends Magazine
Business Strategist at Yondr
Senior Research Expert - Digital Market Intelligence at GFK
Managing Partner & Head of Insight Activation at Insites
Chief Business Development Officer at Sentiance
CEO at Social Karma
Founding Partner at Bundl
Chief Economist at Econopolis
hetkaneenvoudig.nl at Professional dreamer and author

What can you expect?

Internationally renowned speakers, visionaries and entrepreneurs from various
disciplines will be sharing their inspiring stories.