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How does price affect the “user” experience? Gerry McGovern gives his answer

It is silo-based thinking to think that there is a set of user experiences and a set of customer experiences. There is only one set of experiences, and every single interaction with the organization contributes to it.

What do drugs and the Web have in common?

I have always disliked the word ‘user’. Traffic, Users and Hits. The word ‘user’ crawled up from the traditional IT dungeon. It has historically been a word laced with contempt, or worse still, indifference. The reason why traditional IT launches a continuous steam of technological monstrosities is because they are designed for users. In other words, they’re designed for people who don’t matter and therefore they’re not designed at all. They’re engineered so that they technically ‘work’ even though ‘working’ may involve you having to do 6 months of training, reading a 7,000 page manual and going through 673 excruciating steps that take 92 hours, when it should only be 3 steps, taking 2 minutes.

Anyway, we are seeing progress and the whole user experience sector is full of valiant professionals trying to convince their organizations that users are indeed human, that users should be given some level of respect, and that some users might even be valuable customers.

It’s great as far as it goes but it’s all part of the human instinct to create tribes. User experience professionals see themselves as different and distinct from customer experience professionals.

My definition of customer experience and the one from Wikipedia and Nielsen as well

According to Wikipedia, customer experience “is the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship.” Wikipedia defines user experience as “a person's emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service.” However, according to the Nielsen Norman Group, user experience "encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products.” Confusing?

Let’s for a moment accept that there are indeed two distinct experiences. Where does price come in? As someone observed to me recently, user experience people rarely think about price.


"User experience people rarely think about price" - Gerry McGovern


Will you find the best customer experience at the brand’s shop? Or at Amazon?

I recently decided to treat myself to a Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard and mouse. I knew it would be expensive but it has great customer reviews. I visited the Microsoft store. The price was €130. Hmm, I thought. Maybe I’ll check Amazon. Now, it seems counter-intuitive that you would check Amazon instead of Microsoft if you wanted to buy a Microsoft product but stranger things have happened. Lo and behold, the price on Amazon is €80, a full €50 cheaper!! I’ve just had another great Amazon user / customer experience.

Do you notice that when you go to hotel websites these days the design almost screams out at you: “Our Best Rate!!! Guaranteed!!!” Now why would that be? Could it be that for years we were getting better rates on hotels.com?

You see, if user experience professionals lock themselves into a narrow, rigid definition of their profession based on some narrow concept of use, they allow the customer experience professionals to sweep down the pitch and win the game.

I had a wonderful user experience recently on an airline website. I just didn’t book the flight because it was too expensive. Price is a huge part of the experience. We must think in a holistic way about the experience. How can an interface help build trust and confidence if the price is €50 more?

At WebTomorrow 2017 Gerry McGovern will share his newest story. Insights on what to do and how to market in the age of fake news and the distrust of marketing. How can we as marketers reinvent ourselves? The answer to this question will be shared by Gerry on the 9th of June, on the second day of WebTomorrow. Take a look at the program.

Who is Gerry McGovern?

Gerry helps large organizations deliver a better digital customer experience. His commercial clients include Microsoft, Dropbox, Cisco, NetApp, VMware, and IBM. He has also consulted with the US, UK, EU, Dutch, Canadian, Norwegian, and Irish governments.

Gerry has developed a research and management model to help large organizations improve customer experience through identifying and optimizing customer top tasks. It’s called Top Tasks Management. A highly-regarded speaker, he has spoken on digital customer experience in 35 countries.

He has written six books on digital customer experience. His latest is called Transform: A Rebel’s Guide for Digital Transformation. It shows that digital transformation is far more about culture change than technology change. The Irish Times described Gerry as one of five visionaries who have had a major impact on the development of the Web. He is the founder and CEO of Customer Carewords.

Gerry helps large organizations deliver a better digital customer experience. His commercial clients include Microsoft, Cisco, NetApp, Dropbox, VMware, and IBM. He has also consulted with the European Union, US, UK, Dutch, Canadian, Norwegian, and Irish governments.


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Waarom erbij zijn als marketeer?

WebTomorrow 2017 wordt de grootste conferentie in België omtrent transitie, de digitale toekomst en de impact op onze samenleving en maatschappij. Ontdek hier waarom erbij zijn als marketer voor jou interessant is:

Hoe belandde Salesforce in de wereldwijde top 10 van bedrijven om voor te werken, dankzij de Spirit of Ohana?

Voor de achtste keer op een rij staat Salesforce in de wereldranking van ‘100 beste bedrijven om voor te werken’. Deze keer staan ze zelfs op plaats 8, boven bedrijven zoals SAS (14e) en Qualcomm (17e). Waaraan hebben ze dit succes te danken en wat heeft de spirit van Ohana ermee te maken? We vroegen het aan Carmina Coenen, Senior Manager Solution Engineering bij Salesforce en één van de 30+ sprekers op WebTomorrow. Als extra kregen we ook 4 gouden tips mee.

Tom De Bruyne “Let’s fill the gap between branding & conversion with a seduction camp!”

There’s a fierce debate going on between the branding camp and the conversion camp. You could almost call it a fight between tribes. The branding camp says that the conversion camp hasn’t got a single clue about brands. The conversion camp says it makes no sense at all to still be working in such a dumb and incredibly old-fashioned way. Both camps are right, yet the question is whether being right gets us where we all want to be.

“When it comes to website management, trusting your gut is the last thing you should do.”

Vandaag is het Saint Patrick’s Day, dé nationale feestdag in Ierland, Noord-Ierland, Montserrat en de Canadese provincies Newfoundland en Labrador. Ter gelegenheid van deze feestdag, nemen we even de tijd om een spreker in de kijker te zetten. Gerry McGovern, auteur en oprichter en CEO van Customer Carewords, is werelds nummer één wanneer we hebben over kennis met betrekking tot customer-focus websites, of hoe bedrijven hun websites klantvriendelijker kunnen maken.

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A speaker with a mission. That’s Austin Knight. The mission led to hard choices and a great personal story. Last year Austin Knight (US) made a decision which had a huge impact on his life. He moved from the United States to Brazil, started speaking and started remote working at Hubspot. It already made him lots more creative and so better in his job. Do you want to know what you should in order to become a better designer or marketer? Read along :)

Onze bezoekers aan het woord: dit is waarom zij naar WebTomorrow komen!

Reeds 600 deelnemers schreven zich in voor WebTomorrow. De vaart zit er stevig in. Als het zo doorgaat ziet het ernaar uit dat we dit jaar afstevenen op een recordeditie. Daar zijn we enorm blij om! Op 8 en 9 juni verwachten we meer dan 1500 bezoekers. Allemaal op zoek naar nieuwe ideeën, inspiratie en het ontmoeten van waardevolle nieuwe connecties. Maar WebTomorrow wordt dit jaar ook zoveel meer dan dat.

Leading ladies aan het woord

Ter gelegenheid van de “International Women’s day” zetten we vandaag enkele straffe madammen in de kijker!  Ieder jaar opnieuw gaan we voor WebTomorrow op zoek naar boeiende verhalen, sterke persoonlijkheden en succesvolle visionairs. Een extra moeilijkheid waar we ieder jaar met te kampen hebben, is om vrouwen te vinden die hun verhaal kunnen brengen op het event. Dit jaar viel die oefening goed mee, we kwamen spontaan met 7 straffe vrouwen op de shortlist te staan. Zij komen op WebTomorrow hun ervaringen en inzichten in de digitale wereld met ons delen.

Dé 3 dingen die je als leider van nu maar beter doet, volgens FOD topman Frank Van Massenhove.

Frank Van Massenhove is wellicht de meest bekende overheidsmanager met een missie. Dankzij hem werd de FOD Sociale Zekerheid omgevormd tot dé organisatie waar ook veel privébedrijven inspiratie in zoeken en vinden. Tien jaar geleden werd hij uitgeroepen tot ‘Overheidsmanager van het Jaar’ en vandaag leidt hij een federale overheidsdienst met opvallend veel gelukkige ambtenaren.